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Michael Gutschke Rohstoffhandel UG

Tremsbütteler Weg 61e, D-22941,


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Welcome to the world of raw materials! The company Michael Gutschke Rohstoffhandel is specialized in direct import and sales of high-quality natural raw materials and semi-finished products from the respective countries of origin. We support our customers personally and reliably. According...

Hydraulik Warszawa

Łochowska 31, 03-757,

Warszawa (mazowieckie)

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1 A Maschinen- und Metallbau Puffe

Oststrasse 30, D-07907,


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Our products: sub-assemblies for machine construction, CNC 5 axis milling services, CNC turned parts, single-piece production for mechanical engineering, mould construction, machine components to drawing specifications, precision components for special-design machine engineering, vendor...


Hauptstrasse  74, D-49457,


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Test adapters for printed circuit boards (PCB), test plugs, testing units for electronics: We develop, manufacture and deliver test plugs, test adapters and spring contact pins based on customer requirements for electronic tests for the automotive sector, seat manufacturing and for the...

GVA Gesellschaft für Verfahren der Abwassertechnik mbH & Co.KG

Dieselstrasse 6, D-42489,


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Our products and services: waste-water treatment, biological; sewage treatment plants; sewage aerators; waste-water treatment; sewage purification plants, biological; sewage equipment; sewage treatment plant (STP) equipment; agitators for sewage treatment; submersible motor-driven agitators...

Werkstatt-Profi GmbH

Gewerbepark 1, A-4849,

Puchkirchen am Trattberg

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Werkstatt-Profi attaches great importance to personal contact with its customers. Fulfilling your needs is the top priority of our employees. Like this it is possible to convince you of the high quality of our products and services. Reliability creates confidence. WERKSTATT-PROFI has been...

HFS Vertrieb GmbH

Gildestrasse 3, D-21244,


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For more than two decades, HFS has been a reliable partner of the shoe and textile industry. Right from the start, our customers have been appreciating our wide assortment, the high standards regarding product quality, our extremely attractive prices and HFS’s outstanding service. Socks...

REIFLEXA - P. Reischl GmbH

Am Knick 5, D-22113,


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Since 1960, REIFLEXA (formerly Gummi Reischl) has been involved in producing compensators and hose lines.Operating from Hamburg, we work globally with international partners. Close cooperation with the most powerful suppliers in Germany and Europe, as well as our well-founded special...

Eurovlies Deutschland GmbH

Friedrich-Rech-Strasse 25, D-56566,


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Production of non-woven filter fabrics, air filters, fleece fabrics, non-woven fabrics for liquid filtration, plant protection fleece, synthetic geotextiles, fleece, polyester fleece, air filters for paint fog filtration in paint spraying cabins, needle-punched fleece, filter, filter mats,...

Hugo Frosch GmbH Designprodukte aus Kunststoff

Günztalstrasse 120, D-86489,


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Our products: baby articles, hot-water bottles, hot-water bottles for children, organic products, plush animals, plush toys, stuffed animals, textile toys.

Accuride International GmbH

Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse 16-18, D-65582,


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Accuride, the global designer and manufacturer for telescopic rails, linear guides and rail systems. As the world 's largest specialist for ball bearings telescopic rails, we are able to offer the full range of services from design , manufacturing and testing to continuity of deliveries...


Schäfflerstrasse 15, D-85276,


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The company ASC (Advanced Sensor Calibration) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of acceleration and deviation sensors and IMU (Inertial Measurement Units).ASC sensors are used for example in crash tests in vehicle development, safety and wearing monitoring of rail vehicles ,...

CERA 2000 Vertriebs GmbH

Gewerbering 17, D-86922,


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Independent distributor with large stock of electronical components of all kinds. Our products are diodes, electronic components, active electronic components, electronic components for the aviation and aerospace industry, obsolete electronic components, semi-conductor components, trade in...

Silcoplast AG

Luchten 75, CH-9427,


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Future-oriented: The two companies „Plasticspritzerei AG“ and „Silwo Silikon-Sprizerei AG“ are merging to one enterprise and are present with the new company name „Silcoplast AG“ on the market from April 2014 on. We from Silcoplast are looking forward to shaping your wishes into...

GMR Gesellschaft für Metallrecycling mbH

Naumburger Strasse  24, D-04229,


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Our products and services:Processing of materials containing precious metals; Batteries for hearing aids; Dental alloys of noble metals: Conditioning NORM sludge from the oil + gas industry containing mercury. Recycling of dental amalgam and button cells.Mercury:  Production and selling of...

IMM Maschinenbau GmbH

Im Brühl 30, D-89150,


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One of the leading manufacturers of belt grinding and polishing equipment (surface processing). Grinding machines for the manual processing and automatic solutions on the basis of CNC and robotic. Our products are automatic grinding and polishing machines for metals, belt sanders for metals...

Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG

Eichenhöhe  29, D-21255,


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Our products are chemicals for the building industry, trade in chemicals, basic materials for the chemical-technical industry, dispersion powder, defoamers, raw material for glues, shea butter, preservatives for paints, release agents for rubber processing, flame retardants and many more.

eloona GmbH

Am Mühlbuck 12, D-85131,


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Wire knits, metal filters, filter plates, drop separators, explosion protection, fabrics, warp-knits, flame protection filters, demisters, filter inserts, expanded metal, grease collecting filters, sound. Our products: - Wire knits: Technical wire knits represent our core product. Areas of...

Tarnowskie Centrum Edukacji

Targowa 10/3, 33-100,


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Nauka języka obcego wymaga czasu, systematyczności oraz dużego zaangażowania.Wyznaczenie celu Podczas pierwszego miesiąca nauki nauczyciel bada Państwa potrzeby oraz przygotowuje program, który umożliwi osiągnięcie wyznaczonego celu, którym może być na przykład przygotowanie...

Umformtechnik Radebeul GmbH

Fabrikstrasse 27, D-01445,


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Development, construction, production and distribution of drop forging parts made of aluminium / aluminium alloys. Production structure: components and parts for the automotive industry. Clutch and brakes components, chassis parts, flanges, casings. Decorative surface parts for the...

WHG Walzstahl- Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. Betriebs-KG

Uferstrasse 14, D-45881,


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WHG Quality Steel – 40 years long grown competence. Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist – with this motto the WHG Walzstahl has extended its product range with regard to the special requirements of its customers since the establishment in 1971. The tradition of more than 40 years has made...

Lindner Sprühsysteme GmbH

Pröllstrasse 14, D-86157 ,


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Along to our own bottle production, we offer a wide range of products. We’d be glad to advise you and we’ll find together a suitable solution for your packaging problem.

Martin Kaiser GmbH & Co KG

Hauptstrasse  2, D-96272,


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Our products include: adapters, sockets (elec.), power sockets, shock-proof plugs, finished and ready for use cables, female multipoint connectors, in-line power packs, plug connectors, plugs, sockets, CE marked power supply units and many more.

Straetmans High TAC GmbH

Merkurring 94, D-22143,


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The company Straetman High Tac GmbH develops, produces and distributes preservatives, anti-corrosion additives, and special products for the paint&lacquer and lubricant/cooling lubricant industry. Our products: additives, chemical products for the lacquer and paint industries,...

Schaumstoffe Helgers GmbH CNC-Schneidewerk Abtlg. aixFOAM Schallabsorber

Ernst-Abbe-Strasse 12, 52249,


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Since 1958, we have systematically developed & perfected our core competence - finishing & assembly of polyurethane foam. Your competent partner for foam rubber processing. Our portfolio includes polyurethane foam processing, polyurethane foam finishing, expanded polyurethane foam,...