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Test adapters for printed circuit boards (PCB), test plugs, testing units for electronics: We develop, manufacture and deliver test plugs, test adapters and spring contact pins based on customer requirements for electronic tests for the automotive sector, seat manufacturing and for the...

MIKROTRON Mikrocomputer, Digital- und Analogtechnik GmbH

Landshuter Strasse 20-22, D-85716,


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The company MIKROTRON GmbH in Unterschleißheim near Munich develops, produces and distributes digital high-speed cameras, image processing components and high-speed recording systems. Our products: digital 3-D image processing, charge coupled device (CCD) cameras, complementary metal oxide...

inTEC GmbH Lackiersysteme

Schorberger Strasse 56a, D-42699,


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Medium-sized company specialized in the production of continuous painting systems for primary corrosion protection, deck coating systems, pipe coating plants and automatic spraying machines. Our products: Pipe coating systems, continuous painting systems, continuous dryers, paint spraying...

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Wagner-Tech-Textil GmbH

Lengericher Straße 125, D-49479,


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Thanks to our experience we have been supplying the textile- and metal processing industry throughout Europe for 17 years already. Our products enjoy the confidence of ribbon makers, knitters, weavers, automotive suppliers as well as wire weavers. Our products: Sparkling metallic yarns,...

FOLFLEX Torby reklamowe reklamówki z nadrukiem


Plastic bags , Shopping Bags , Custom Bags

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A3 Vliesstoffe GmbH

Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 17, D-56751,


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We provide you with a broad range of technical non-woven fabrics for liquid filtrations, produced on most modern manufacturing facilities. All kind of non-woven fabrics are cut to required length for you –whether as reel material, cut-sizes or filter bags. A? Vliesstoffe separates what...


Domaniewska 47, 02-672,


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OSK-Kiefer GmbH

Max-Planck-Ring 7b, D-46049,


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The OSK-Kiefer GmbH in Oberhausen is a reliable partner for shot peening on commission order. Whether special, extra, single or serial part. Regardless if long-term or spontaneously short-term orders. Among other things our product range includes: - Shot peening - glass bead blasting. For...

KSW Kalibrierservice Jürgen Wozniak

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Calibration in a certified laboratory – on site calibration in the mobile calibration laboratory – services in the calibration area – repair and maintenance services – consulting about the usage of metrology – rental of measurement devices accredited by DKD-K-13701 (German...

Stritzel Dampftechnik GmbH

Sandstrasse 107-135, D-45473,


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Development, production and sales of electric steam generators of stainless steel. Our products: Steam generators, steam boilers, steam valves, water softening systems.

SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH

Gutedelstrasse 31, D-79418,


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Success is measurable .... SWR stands for competence in measuring bulk material and solids. We measure the flow rate (kg/h, t/h), humidity (% H2O) or concentrations (mg/m3) of dusts, powders and granules. The SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH was founded in 1994 by Ralf Schmedt, Wolfram...

CAD Computer GmbH & Co. KG

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CAD-Computer GmbH & Co.KG. develops since its foundation in 1985, industrial software for measured data acquisition and automation technology. Our special area includes the delivery of turnkey data logging systems as stand-alone solution or in network environments. To achieve this at a high...

Flottweg SE

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Flottweg is one of the leading international manufacturers of industrial centrifuges for solid-liquid separation. Decanters, centrifuges and belt presses by Flottweg are designed and manufactured in Germany and are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, the food and beverage...

Rohrer Group

Sinagasse 52, AT-1220,


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Engineering for Industries Complete system solutions for the manufacturing and process industries, such as basic, detail, software engineering, fail-safe engineering, field bus engineering, manufacturing, instrumentation & control assembly. Further products and services: Façade scaffolds,...


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The company ASC (Advanced Sensor Calibration) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of acceleration and deviation sensors and IMU (Inertial Measurement Units).ASC sensors are used for example in crash tests in vehicle development, safety and wearing monitoring of rail vehicles ,...

Gassner Fertigungssysteme GmbH

Im Bruchgrund 5, D-63571,


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Our products: Special machines for the electronic motor industry, construction of special-purpose machines, coiling machines, winding technology.

GELLO GmbH Geltechnik

Harmate 28, D-48683,


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The GELLO Geltechnik GmbH produces medical devices. The product range offers medical compresses (cold and hot), ECG consumables, ultrasound gels, warming and cooling gels, technical gels and electrode accessoires Electrode accessories are contact agents for diagnostics for ECG, EMG and EEG...

Dr. Mennicken GmbH

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When it comes to precise measuring, monitoring, controlling, regulating, heating and cooling, we are the right partner for more than 40 years. Our employees develop and produce complete solutions for you. Decades of know-how and our enthusiastic team guarantee our strengths like reliability...



steel strip , spring steel strip , steinless steel strip

Śląska 5, 44-105,

Gliwice (śląskie)

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Josef P. Hilgenberg GmbH

Hohkeppeler Strasse 46, D-51491,


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Our delivery program contains among other things gas taps made of brass, forgings made of brass for canteen installations and tools for wood and metal processing. Further products: granulating knives, hard metal tools, tools for woodworking, turned precision parts, woodworking machinery.

Schock Metallwerk GmbH

Siemensstrasse 1-3, D-73660,


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Schock Metall stands for precision in ball bearing slides and special profiles. For more than 40 years, we have been using the high-precision Schock roll forming technology to manufacture telescopic slides and other sliding systems. We work with our customers to develop customized solutions...

USG Uwe Stücke Granuliertechnik GmbH

Siemensstrasse 38b, D-59199,


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USG GmbH produces pelletizing knives and pelletizer die plates for different synthetic materials and underwater pelletizers. For the knives we specialized on bimetal knives that are soldered in a vacuum. In doing so a titanium carbide cutter is soldered into a high-strength stainless steel...

Straetmans High TAC GmbH

Merkurring 94, D-22143,


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The company Straetman High Tac GmbH develops, produces and distributes preservatives, anti-corrosion additives, and special products for the paint&lacquer and lubricant/cooling lubricant industry. Our products: additives, chemical products for the lacquer and paint industries,...

Hamburger Drahtseilerei A. Steppuhn GmbH

Klaus-Groth-Strasse 15, D-23843,

Bad Oldesloe

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Ropes according to standards made of steel wires and wire ropes with special constructions, wire ropes made of special material, e.g. rust-proof and amagnetic steels and alloys like brass and bronze, wire ropes in strength from approx. 300 to 3000 N/mm2, ropes coated with plastics like PA,...

Drewniane-Meble-Ogrodowe, Biesiadne, Kawiarnianie


We produce exclusive and robust furniture Solid both sets of wood and the individual components. We specialize in garden furniture sets, cafes, feasts and winter gardens. On offer we have sets of furniture, tables, benches, chairs, gazebos, pergolas,

Kanałowa 1, 61-710,


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