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mbm Maschinenbau Ges.m.b.H.

Fabrikstrasse 6, A-6858,


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mbm has specialized since 1979 with a qualified team to the specific needs of the economy. Rapidly changing markets and technologies require innovative process models for economical working. The production processes’ automation and simple handling of the special machines create the...


Todtmooser Strasse 43, D-79664,


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The core activities of SEWEC OZON include the development, manufacture and sale of ozone generation systems, complete ozone systems and components, as well as exhaust air cleaning systems. Our products: Ozone equipment, ozone destructors, ozone generators, food sterilization equipment,...

BeKa Heiz- und Kühlmatten GmbH

Pankstrasse 8-10, D-13127,


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BEKA is specialized in the manufacture of polypropylene capillary tube systems and accessories for efficient radiant heating: heating and cooling in one system for ceiling, wall and floor. Our products include: Cooling ceilings: Capillary tube mats are used in a wide variety of installation...

GVA Gesellschaft für Verfahren der Abwassertechnik mbH & Co.KG

Dieselstrasse 6, D-42489,


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Our products and services: waste-water treatment, biological; sewage treatment plants; sewage aerators; waste-water treatment; sewage purification plants, biological; sewage equipment; sewage treatment plant (STP) equipment; agitators for sewage treatment; submersible motor-driven agitators...

Schleicher Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG

Boschetsrieder Strasse 125, D-81379,


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Camshafts: motorcycles, automobiles, tractors, trucks, ships, as well as stationary and aggregate engines (for example, power sets), camshafts for injection pumps and common rail systems. Differential gear shafts: for the engines listed above. Cam discs and polygon connections: length of...

maropack GmbH & Co. KG

Lohmannstrasse 15, D-56626,


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Flat films, semi-tubular films, flap bags of plastics, header bags, and so on…maropack is manufacturer of high-quality, highly transparent flat bags, header bags, bottomfold bags, semi-tubular films, foil reels and much more for more than 45 years. Clients can thus benefit from extensive...

Thierbach GmbH

Criesbacher Strasse 22, D-74676,


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The Thierbach GmbH from 74676 Niedernhall near Heilbronn is specialised in aluminium parts and c-parts of all kind. The privately held company supplies all industries nationally as well as internationally with custom-made solutions, including surface treatments and component assembly. The...

ZIMM Maschinenelemente GmbH + Co KG

Millennium Park 3, A-6890,


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Our products are lifting gears, actuator, linear actuators, connecting shafts, AC motors, trapezoidal threaded rods, ball screws, linear bearings, linear actuators, trapezoidal screws, lifting drives, linear actuators, spindle-type lifting drives, gearboxes, clutches, gear racks, special...

IHF Fördertechnik

Schilfgasse 27, AT-8054,


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Producer of vertical conveyor technology with rubber block chain. Rubber block chains with kevlar inserts and steel cores. Design, manufacture, installation and service from one source. Our products: Bucket elevators, conveyor systems for piece goods, conveyor systems for automation, bulk...

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Josef Durner e.K.

Bahnhofstrasse  1, D-84307,


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Josef DURNER eK - since 1908 - luggage - industrial bags - transport packaging. We offer the following products: Flight cases, protective hoods, protective covers, bags for technical equipment, customized bags, transport cases, tailored to, individual requirements industrial cases, slip-lid...

Category: Industry » Wood and Furniture » Wood

Hahn Gmbh & Co

In der Hardt 5, D-58769,


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Our products: bead wire for tyres, clamping rings for air spring systems, cable beads for tyres.

Kuhmichel Abrasiv GmbH

Am Rosenbaum 22, D-40882,


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Kuhmichel Abrasiv is the leading specialized wholesaler for blast media in Europe. At 7 locations (twice in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Turkey, Hungary), Kuhmichel is present with subsidiaries and deposits. In our product range, you will find almost all common mineral,...

Kurt Müller GmbH

Zeppelinstrasse 1-9, D-50259,


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Kurt Müller GmbH is a professional wholesale company and supplies supraregional industrial companies, administrations, hospitals, nursing homes, contract cleaners, hotels and public facilities with hygiene commodities and office papers. Since the early 80

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GALVACHEM Chemiehandelsgesellschaft mbH

Otto-Lilienthal-Strasse 4, D-50259,


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Our products: ammonium chloride, animal food, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), calcium citrate, caustic potash, denatonium benzoate (bitter substance), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), inorganic fertilizers, para-toluenesulfonic acid (PTSA), special chemicals, trade in chemicals,...

A. Mangold Antriebstechnik

Ziegelsteinstrasse 32, D-90109,


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Technical trading in the fields of power transmission devices and conveyance. Calculation and consulting powertrains and belt drives. Our products include power transmission devices, drive components according to drawing, flat-belt transmission drives, V-belts, timing belts, V-belt pulleys...

Hecker Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co KG – Kunststoffzeichnungsteile

Schleefstrasse 5, D-44287,


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Walter Jacob Vakuumtechnik GmbH & Co KG

Philippstrasse 25-27, D-50823,


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Development and production of electrodes- and stroboscope flash tubes, protective lenses and ignition coils for the lightning industry. Our products: Flash tubes (electron.), gas discharge lamps, glass drilling services, flasks (chem.), glass bead blasting, hollow glass forming machines,...

Category: Glass and Ceramics » Glass

Accellent GmbH

Staatsstrasse 5, D-97773,


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We are producing capillary tubes of stainless steel, precision parts for medical technology, precision tubes of stainless steel, precision steel tubes, shaped stainless steel tube components, stainless steel and much more.

Tarnowskie Centrum Edukacji


kursy indywidualne , przygotowanie do egzaminów , korepetycje

Targowa 10/3, 33-100,


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Nauka języka obcego wymaga czasu, systematyczności oraz dużego zaangażowania.Wyznaczenie celu Podczas pierwszego miesiąca nauki nauczyciel bada Państwa potrzeby oraz przygotowuje program, który umożliwi osiągnięcie wyznaczonego celu, którym może być na przykład przygotowanie...


Aleja Armii Krajowej 220, 43-300,

Bielsko-Biała (śląskie)

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GRIBI Hydraulics AG

Lättenstrasse 33, CH-8952,


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GRIBI Hydraulics successfully produces since 1969 individual solutions in the field of hydraulics. Recently there is a cylinder configurator available on our homepage.

EFG Elbe Fetthandel GmbH

Mercatorstrasse 21, D-21502,


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EFG Elbe Fetthandel GmbHis an international trading company of fats, oils and of oleochemical raw materials.As the recognised distribution partner of international manufacturers we see ourselves as the link between the producing and processing industries.Elbe Fetthandel offers to the...

MSR Röntgenraumtechnische Systeme GmbH

Auf dem Wehrt 36, D-54584,


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MSR Röntgenraumtechn. Systeme GmbH is a full provider and pioneer of the state-of-the-art und safe hybrid surgery and X-ray rooms. Heavy duty ceiling, floor constructions, vertical blinds and partitioning, radiation shielding glass and much more. The product rage includes also lead glass...

Paul Thoors GmbH Kunststoffverarbeitung

Pescher Straße 20, D-53909,


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Production of suction cups in all variations. Suction cups with threading, suction cups with hooks,suction cups with clamps, suction cups with cross hole, suction cups with button, suction hooks,double suckers, wall hooks. Our products: Plastic hooks, display hooks, plastic injection...

SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co KG

Grefrather Strasse 204-212b, D-41749,


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Cable manufacturer SAB – we are one of the leading manufacturers of cables and wires, cable harnessing and temperature measurement. More than 60 years of experience in temperature measurement and control technique as well as in cable production have made a one man business a company with...