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Żeliszów 31, 59-700,

Bolesławiec (dolnośląskie)

, phone access past. Everything started in 1980 when we were producing crystals. Then in 1991 we went on to produce decorative articles from dried flowers and produce plaster figurines too (in 1998). Currently our firm is co-operating with 7 firms actively who supply us with maerial for our products....

Baliccy-art Pracownia Artystyczna

Śniadeckiego 12/12, 59-900,

Zgorzelec (dolnośląskie)

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The company bids artistic elements of home decor. These include unique lamps, decorative glass and jewellery. It seems worth a mention that each collection is embellished with precious and natural stones


Kościuszki 17, 59-700,

Bolesławiec (dolnośląskie)

, phone access

CER-FAR manufactures votives and wax candel inserts. The company also sells ceramics, artificial flowers, decorations and products made of wicker

Huta Szkla WYMIARKI S.A.

Księcia Witolda 11, 68-131,

Wymiarki (lubuskie)

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This company offers produce of glass container, wood grains and blow glass


Witosa 50, 68-200,

Żary (lubuskie)

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"HART-SM" was founded in 1982. Company deals with costruction and building equipment. In their offer are windows, shutters, glass elements, doors, etc


Żagańska 27, 68-120,

Iłowa (lubuskie)

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...a smelting tradition that reaches back in the Lubuskie region to the 18th century. The company was founded on the basis of the Żaganski Glass Works and has been operating as a commercial enterprise since 1988. The company has two production facilities located in Iłowa, where the head...


Kościuszki 11, 59-700,

Bolesławiec (dolnośląskie)

, phone access

Ceramic plants are biggest producer of table ceramics manually formed " " co. ltd. BOLESŁAWIEC and manually zdobionej, in the light of unique technique stempelkową. Other product groups be placed in our offer also. Collections of pots are them and ceramic pots


Parowa 60, 59-724,

Osiecznica (dolnośląskie)

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The company is dealing with the handmade production of products of functional ceramics: of vases, flowerpots, pots and decorative ceramics

ŁUŻYCE Sp. z o.o.

Kościuszki 39, 59-930,

Pieńsk (dolnośląskie)

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Pieńskie Glass Work

Pracownia Obrazów Witrażowych

Sulechowska 37, 65-022,

Zielona Góra (lubuskie)

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The company offers pictures painted on glass


Wojska Polskiego 1a, 68-200,

Żary (lubuskie)

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The company specializes in architectural glass production

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Baba Jaga

Odrzańska 44, 67-102,

Kiełcz (lubuskie)

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Baba Jaga Bis has been offering elegant home and garden décor since 1987. These include: statues, busts, fountains, coffee tables, bookcases, and many more. Moreover, the company bids sacred figures, which can be used as an altar and shrine decoration

"Glasmet" Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe Piotr

Jodłowa 10, 65-120,

Zielona Góra (lubuskie)