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Auchan Warszawa Wola

Górczewska 124, 01-460,

Warszawa (mazowieckie)

, phone access

Auchan has started its business in Poland over 10 years ago. It is a chain of 16 hypermarkets, co-operating with over 1500 Polish suppliers. Auchan Poland hires over 9000 employees, including managers and directors. Auchan ensures a comprehensive range of high quality products, attractive...

Auchan Polska

Puławska 46, 05-500,

Piaseczno (mazowieckie)

, phone access

Auchan Poland is a Polish branch of a French international retail group. Over the past 10 years it has set up in Poland 16 hypermarkets. The company employs over 9000 workers. It also co-operates with over 1500 Polish suppliers. Auchan hypermarkets ensure attractive prices and highly...

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